Equity Indices Futures & Options

Improve capital efficiency using the versatility of our Equity Index products. Fine-tune equity exposure on benchmark indices—S&P, Nasdaq, Russell and Dow Jones—with the precision of scalable contract sizes, from standard Equity Index contracts to Micro E-mini. RGC Commodities will help you utilize R.J. O’Brien’s equity futures market exchange clearing and execution services for your key trading needs:

  • CME Group – E-mini S&P 500, E-mini Dow, E-mini NASDAQ-100, Nikkei 225
  • IDEM, MEFF — Nasdaq indices
  • ICE Futures US – MSCI Indices, Russell 1000, Russell 2000
  • CFE: VIX 

Why choose RGC Commodities?

RGC houses all the tools needed to gain exposure to the broader Equity Indices market in one place, providing a centralized and more efficient manner of trading. You’ll gain access to all the benchmarks necessary to measure and trade the performance of key segments and strategies while maintaining ease-of-use and a seamless trading experience.