Soft Commodities Futures & Options

RGC offers knowledge and experience on a broad range of soft commodities futures and options such as coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton and frozen concentrated orange juice markets providing commercial market participants with effective hedging tools to manage their price exposure and provide investors the ability to take a position on future price movement of these often volatile commodities. RGC Commodities will help you utilize R.J. O’Brien’s futures market exchange clearing and execution services for your key soft commodity futures trading needs:

  • ICE Futures US – Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Orange Juice, Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder

Why choose RGC Commodities?

With RGC, you’ll benefit from the vast knowledge base surrounding soft commodities that stems from years of experience, market intelligence, fundamentals, and technical analysis. Much like agricultural markets, soft commodities markets are somewhat predictable when it comes to their respective planting, growing and harvesting seasons. The main difference between the two types of markets, softs are grown all over the world and their prices are affected by global supply/demand. Whether you’re a hedger or speculator, RGC will become your strategic ally – a partner you can rely on to help you meet your goals.